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Map, Timetable, and Profile of the Bighorn Subdivision

Rules, Rules, Rules ... discussions of railroad rules.

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July 29, 2005... Pipe train, New paint scheme, Biz trains, Air dump car, conveyor train, Ribbon Rail, Slug unit, MOW mishap.
October 15, 2004... Crowded yard, Rock helpers, Fort Line
June 9, 2004... Business train
March 30, 2004... Kiewit meets
March 20, 2004... Lifting the 9207
January 2, 2004... Hazmat hazard, Stuck turntable, Warbonnets
November 14, 2003... A day on the yard engine
September 30, 2003... Cabshots, SD70MAC screens
February 24, 2003... Cold exhaust, 1675 amps
January 31, 2003... BNSF 9297, Helper mishap, Wyola elevator
October 19, 2002... Steam! SP&S 700
September 12, 2002 ... Billings Z, bridge work, meets
August 30, 2002 ... SP unit, Local on the hill.
August 14, 2002 ... PGEX coal train on Bozeman Hill.
June 11, 2002 ... Hardin again.
April 15, 2002 ... Moran sunrise, Kiewit mountains, Laurel overview.
March 1, 2002 ... Derailments and Big Hooks
February 22,2002 ... Moran Junction
February 3,2002 ... Ranchester helpers
January 15,2002 ... Crankcase fun and games, OWY's
January 10,2002 ... Billings coal empties
January 8,2002 ... Seismic Loads
November 23, 2001 ... Helper Link
November 12, 2001 ... E. Kiewit, Parkman run-arounds.
October 20, 2001 ... Billings coal, Rock & Roll car, cabshots
October 12, 2001 ... SD40 dies, Old depot, Steam, MP705
September 1, 2001 ... Anita meets, Huntley bluffs.
July 13, 2001 ... More Boeings, rainbow, Army tanks.
June 23, 2001 ... Boeing Bridge, Big Hook.
June 20, 2001 ... BNSF9297 split personality, Plastic C44, Knuckle Garden.
June 10, 2001 ... Ride the helpers in the 1970s.
June 3, 2001 ... Train Orders.
June 1, 2001 ... Lifting an OWY SD60.
May 11, 2001 ... Broken knuckle, H2s on a grain train.
May 5, 2001 ... Run around by three, Distant Signals
April 20, 2001 ... 61mph, C30-7s, Machinery loads, Parkman meet, Run around, MRL F45.
March 31, 2001 ... 5600s front page, Behind a Z, night helpers, Coal chart
March 3, 2001 ... Winter river, west yard, derail test, CN cab, GP40X
January 20, 2001 ... Night yard, Empties, cabooses
December 27, 2000... Some winter pics
December 16, 2000... MRL remote control
November 25, 2000... Tour the engine room of an SDP40F
November 18, 2000... A history and tale of Kiewit, Wyoming
November 11, 2000... Turntable Twirling an SD40-2
November 4, 2000... Emory shoe, Sheridan roundhouse
October 28, 2000... Cloudy days
October 18, 2000... Begining Middle End, Ballast
October 6, 2000... Bluffs, Bridge, Depot, C30, Shilo
September, 27 2000... Laurel yard, Bluffs, Meets
August 31, 2000... BNSF Paint jobs. good, bad, different.
August 12, 2000... A Cab Tour of various loco models
July 22, 2000... Laurel Rhse, Blue light, AC44, Scale test, Double reds
July 3, 2000... Lots of cab shot meets
June 18, 2000... Hardin North Line, Sunset Meet
May 14, 2000... New bridge, Boeings, Night meet
May 27, 2000... CSX cab shots, Parkman overpass
April 15, 2000... Snowy Trip, cabooses, V Bonnet
April 7, 2000... Night Laurel Rhse, Couplers, Steps, Aberdeen meet
March 21, 2000... GP60M and GP60B study
March 10, 2000... SD40-2s return
March 1, 2000... Blizzard Deadhead
January 1, 2000... Shadow, Helpers, Trough Train

I do not normally provide links to other sites. Maintaining links, adding and removing links, constantly checking to see if they are still good, takes too much time. There are many other railroad related pages on the web that have excellent link pages. However, the sites below have been very helpful in providing me with web space for this series and helping me produce it. As a common courtesy I provide the following links.
Mountain West Rail

Links to railroad pictures of the Sheridan, WY area.
Bob Eisthen
Orvia, Kendrick, Verona are on the East Pool run that works out of Sheridan. Parkman and Pass Creek are on the West Pool run that I work out of Sheridan. I have worked both pools for many many years.
Note that the following two pages have a link on them that will download all of the large size photos at once into one page if you prefer that method.
Paul Birkholz
The first five pictures are on the East Pool run and the last four are on my current West Pool run.
Paul Birkholz
More pictures around the Sheridan, WY area on both the East Pool and West Pool runs.

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