Tales From The Krug
Jan 1, 2000
Copyright AA Krug

C30-7 Shadow
Engineer's view of the shadow of a GE C30-7 at 50mph as cast by the morning sun upon a field of wheat stubble. "With smoke" as they say in the toy train ads.

Aberdeen, Montana
The view from the cab of a C30-7 leading a train of coal empties through Aberdeen, Montana.
Forward view.

Rearward view.

Sheridan Helpers
Sheridan is home to 4, sometimes 5, sets of helpers. Each set is comprised of two SD40-2s spliced by a fuel tender. Here are three different views of the helpers.
Parked in the roundhouse with extra fuel tenders

On the rear of a coal train entering Sheridan Yard as seen from the SW1500 Sheridan switch engine on the mainline.

On the turntable.

Trough Train
BN's Trough Train at Anita, Montana.

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