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E-Mail Warning - Read This
If you email me beware that I use powerful email filters that may trash your email before I ever see it. These filters are meant to prevent junk mail from reaching me.

NEVER send an email with a blank Subject line.

NEVER send an email with "Hi" or "Hello" as the Subject line.

NEVER send an email with $ signs, Xs, or words such as "new", "home", "money", etc in the Subject line.

DO include on the Subject line the word "railroad" or "SD40" or "KrugTales", or something that clearly indicates your email is not junk mail.

NEVER FORWARD anything to me. Especially not jokes. If I want to see jokes I know where to find jokes on the internet. Rarely will your sense of humor and my sense of humor coincide.

NEVER send large attachments such as pictures. I have a 24 KBaud dial up connection and cannot take the time to D/L larger files. Limit attachments to 100KB total unless prior arrangements have been made. Unsolicited attachments will NOT be opened and will be trashed unless the text of the email specifically mentions what the attachment is.

NEVER use HTML or any other encoding. These emails will be automatically deleted without me ever seeing them. Use the "text only" email setting.

Created 06-06-2001
Updated 01-01-2005