Tales From The Krug
June 1, 2001
Copyright AA Krug

Heavy Lifting
In March 1999 an Oakway SD60 came into Sheridan with several bad axle assemblies that needed to be changed out. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what the problem was. It could have been any number of things. If I recall correctly they changed out three wheel/axle/motor sets so it is unlikely it was bearings or birdnesting of all three. Hulcher was called in to do the heavy lifting. The unit was lifted first at the front then the rear. In each case the offending axle/wheels/traction motor was left on the rail and the rest of the loco raised above it. The bad assembly could then be rolled out from under the unit and a dummy wheel/axle/gear set rolled into its place. The loco was then lowered onto the new wheel/axle assembly. The three bad assemblies were loaded onto a flatbed semi truck.

The cable running from the Cat towards the rear of the unit keeps the loco from rolling backwards into the turntable pit.

Train of Visitors

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