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November 12, 2001
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Kiewit, Wy
October 6, 2001 found me on the P-KCMSSE passing the east switch at Kiewit, WY. This CTC control point governs movements onto the old unit train loadout track at Kiewit (Bighorn Mine).

Run Around
On November 4, 2001 I was on the P-KCMSSE again. The 8 hour call was good and it promised to be a fast trip. When railroading always be wary when things look like they should go your way. As we were departing Sheridan the dispatcher informed us he had a track light on 28 miles ahead between Parkman and Aberdeen. A broken rail was suspected.

A coal train was already stopped on the main there waiting for the track inspector to find the trouble. We arrived at Parkman and took the siding alongside the coal. With the track out of service ahead, and with both the mainline and the siding blocked with our two westbound trains, it didn't matter that we were 500 feet too long to fit at Parkman. I stopped short of the coal power because I did not want to listen to their locos or smell their smoke while we waited. I read a magazine article then decided to use the time to wash the filthy windshields on my lead unit BN 9244.

A few minutes after sunrise I had just finished washing the windows and re-entered the cab when the dispatcher informed us the track inspector had indeed found a broken rail. The good news was that he was going to let us over it at 10 mph. My conductor copied a Form A Track Bulletin for the 10 mph restriction and we got the green to go. This photo was taken just as we started to move.

Shadowy Figure
The next two pictures were taken by local railfan, Paul Birkholz. They show me hiding in the shadows of the cab. I like to be mysterious.

The first picture was taken between Ranchester and Parkman on a fine summer day. Yep that is me, I'd recognize that arm on the armrest anyday.

This last picture is taken from the old overpass at Parkman. I am in the siding but for the right reason. I am a happy hogger. I have three of my favorite units and once again I am running around a loaded coal train stopped to cut off his helpers on the mainline.

Train of Visitors

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