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Mar 1, 2000
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SD40-2s return

Except for the 8 units in local helper service, over the past 2 or 3 years the power up this way has been about 80% C44s, C40s, SD70MACs, SD60s, SD60Ms, and a few 4 axle high HP units. Thrown into the mix were a few SD45s and SD40-2s. But within the past 3 weeks or so SD40-2s are back in force. Now the situation is more like 80% SD40-2s.

Witness this M-LINLAU local I got the other day. A beautiful 60 degree March 3rd, 2000 and beautiful power.
An SD40-2, SD40-2, SD40-2, SD40-2, SD60, and an SD60M.
Guess which two of the six units were not working 100%. If you guessed the two newer high HP units you may go to the head of the class. Both of them had electrical problems.
115 cars, 7968 tons, and 7733 feet. All of it handled with ease by the four 40s even while they dragged their limping younger siblings along for the ride.
God bless the Forties.

All was not as well with the train though. We had airbrake problems after doubling the train together. While hanging out on the mainline and trying to remedy the problem, the dispatcher ran a coal train around me through the Sheridan coal siding (what else?). Nothing a crew hates worse than getting run around.
Here you see its helpers passing me.

Got called for an H-KCKPAS yesterday (03-09-00) that had six SD40-2s for power. I was in heaven! Just like the good ol' days. Yes, they were all working fine.
Here is a shot looking out the back cab door of the lead unit as we round a curve east of Parkman, WY on a cold grey winter afternoon.

A while later we are stuck in the hole to await an M-BILDEN local so I used the time to record this shot of the consist. A pure SD40 consist of this size is getting very rare up my way.

BN 7806, BN 7821, BNSF 7839, BN 6831, BNSF 7310, BNSF 6759
The 7806 is lovely in stripes but has a bastardized headlight.
The 7310 is not really an SD40-2 but instead an SD40-1.5 ex CN unit, but it is close enough.
I would have liked them all in BN nose stripe green & black but hey, they handle nice in any color.

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