Tales From The Krug
March 30, 2004
Copyright AA Krug

Waiting at Kiewit
Still working the yard engine, I have ran from Sheridan to Kiewit to deliver 8 coal empties and 4 rock cars. We spotted the empties and picked up 9 loads of coal to take back to Sheridan.

As we approached East Kiewit on the Loadout track an eastbound coal empty blasted by us on the main.

We are now at East Kiewit trying to get back to Sheridan hoping that we could follow the coal empty into town. No such luck. A set of light helpers passed by us on the main heading for town on the empty's yellow block. We were to find out later that it didn't do him any good. Once again we hoped to follow the eastbound helpers to town but the dispatcher informed us that there is "no room at the inn" even for our little 9 car train so we are stuck at Kiewit for a while. The empty coal train and the light helpers went to Sheridan and we waited for a couple of westbounds to come out. It is only 5 miles from East Kiewit to Sheridan but those 5 miles can be tough somedays.

The first westbound was a loaded coal train with four units on the point and the usual two unit helper pushing on the rear.

The last westbound we met was a V train with a Boeing car behind the power.

We finally got out of Kiewit and into Sheridan.... only to find that we could still not get into the yard. Those helpers that went by us at Kiewit were still sitting at the west end of the yard, blocked by a train ahead of them on number two track.

The dispatcher has lined yet another westbound coal train through the coal siding to change crews and to get by my little train still fouling the main at the west yard. Here I am stopped on the CTC switch behind the helpers and the coal train has stopped to change crews. As soon as the westbound loads clears the east yard switch the eastbound train on two track can leave. Then the helpers can finally get to the roundhouse and we can get into the yard. Some days go like that.

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Created 10-17-04
Updated 10-17-2004