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August 5, 2000
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Cab Study - Different Strokes
Different strokes for different folks. Norfolk Southern likes to run their locos in either direction. Desktop controls don't work very well for reverse operation. So NS ordered somewhat "conventional" control stands in their new locos long after everybody else had gone to desktops.
NS 2550 is a standard cab (non-widenose) SD70 if I recall correctly. I had it trailing in my consist one cold night.

Here is the GE version of a vertical stand on a 1999 C40, NS 9346.

Some of the NS units have speedometers mounted on the rear cab wall electrical cabinet behind the engineer for use when running long hood first. Both the 2550 and the 9346 had one. Here is the 9346.

Here is a former Conrail unit, (NS)PRR 8397. I believe it was a C40 but don't quote me on that. The desktop is arranged slightly different from what I am used to. Normally the headlight switches would be on the far left side of the desk surround. But on this unit they are behind the brake valves. A move no doubt necessitated by the angled computers on this unit. The prong sticking up in front of the two computers is an alertor reset. The unit also had different computer display screens (shown later). The Horn button is an easily pushed mushroom type button. You can use your fingers, palm, arm, elbow, whatever. Hooray for GE!
NS-PRR 8397

Computer Screens

BN 9517. Obviously set up for trail.

The newest screen on BNSF 8978. EMD finally got around to putting a dial type speedometer on their computers. I prefer analog dials to digital numbers for speedometers. And look at those big airbrake numbers! THANK YOU EMD.

Here is one of the screens available on the SD70MACs lefthand computer screen.

C44-Dash 9
BNSF 4877 running up hill as lead unit

and the BNSF 4504 stopped and set up for trail.

The Locomotive Monitor screen on the 4504.

NS 9346

C40-8 (NS)PRR 8397. I had this unit trailing one trip. It had very different computer screens that caught my eye. Not only were the screens different from all others I have seen but you could choose between which of the two versions you wanted to use.

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