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Definitions for Rules discussions.

The following rules/definition are quoted from the GCOR unless otherwise noted.

Absolute Signal
A block signal without a number plate.

Block Signal
A fixed signal at the entrance to a block that governs trains entering and using that block.

Centralized Traffic Control - CTC
A block system that uses block signal indications to authorize train movements.

Control Operator
An employee assigned to operate a CTC control machine.
Note the control operator is usually the dispatcher.

Controlled Signal
An absolute signal controlled by a control operator.
Note the control operator is usually the dispatcher.

Intermediate Signal
Not an official term. It means automatic block signals which have a number plate and are located in CTC territory between the control points.

Reverse Movement
Definition: A movement opposite the authorized direction.

RULE 6.4 Reverse Movements
Make reverse movements on the main track or controlled sidings at restricted speed and only within the limits a train has authority to occupy the track.

RULE 6.4.1 Permission for Reverse Movements.
Obtain permission from the disptcher or control operator before making a reverse movement unless the movement is within the same signalled block.
BNSF added the following:
When a train is advised that working limits have been established behind their train, obtain permission from the employee in charge to make any reverse movement, including within the same signalled block.

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