Tales From The Krug
Oct 28, 2000
Copyright AA Krug

Laurel Yard again
I am called for 8am and I am on the P-SSEMEM pumping air in WB track 6, blue flagged and blue-lighted. An inbound 6 unit, 146 car, M-DENLAU is begining to double over from WB 7 to WB 11. Unseen is a P-PTLKCM in WB 8. He is called 30 minutes ahead of me and is also pumping air. Also unseen in the EB yard a Sheridan bound coal empty has just arrived. It is called 3 hours behind me but will follow me into Sheridan this evening. It was NOT a good trip. It took us over 3 hours to get out of the yard. Several WBs were already in the yard. Carmen and yard engines had to work those trains too. Neither our train nor the other P was ready when we got our power down to the east end to get on. Then my FRED would not dump the air from the rear end during the test and had to be replaced. We met 9 trains going home that day.

Looking out my side window as the M-DENLAU doubled over ahead I see the Bottom-of-the-WB & Bottom-of-the-EB yard engines.

Smoke Signals
Departing Benteen after meeting two WB P trains my second unit, A C30-7, shows its GE pedigree as we open the throttle.

Last Meet
The last of the 9 trains was met at Parkman. The coal train holds the main and I am lined into the siding at the west switch.

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