Tales From The Krug
July 22, 2000
Copyright AA Krug

Blue Light
This photo is shot from the cab while pumping the air up on my train that same day. It shows the carman's "Blue Light" on the nose. The MRL's 2nd shift "Bottom of the Westbound" and "Bottom of the Eastbound" yard goats are taking a short lunch break. My train is the S-WENMEM3-09, Stack train from Wenatchee, Washington to Memphis, Tennessee.

We skip to July 18 for a nose on shot of one of BNSF's 3 C44ACs. I am on the C-SCMCEC0-65 stopped for track work at Rowley on a very hot July afternoon. Thank goodness the 5601 has air conditioning. The coal train has the 5601 and 5602 on the point and the 5600 on the rear of the train as distributed power. 124 loads, 0 empties, 17746 tons, 6801 feet.

BNSF 5601's number 2 axle.

Flying With an Anchor
On 7-19-00 I got called to run home on the M-BILDEN local. What a train! We had an SD70MAC and an SD40-2 with 4 loads, 7 empties, 678 tons, and 702 feet. We could do track speed straight up. But in railroading there is always a "but". Tacked on the rear end as the last car of this high flying train was this piece of $%#@^&!! A 35mph scale test car. ARGH!

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